What a place for the adventure of a lifetime. We booked our first African hunt with Ken and Elma and had an unforgettable trip. These two did all of the work and planning and we quickly discovered that we had nothing to do but relax and enjoy ourselves. We were able to observe many plains animals from Zebra to Giraffe in a natural setting and GAMKA had some of the best package deals available. Any animal I had thought to hunt were here and in good numbers. Gamka is located on the Karoo and they have access to about 80,000 acres.   My wife, son and I chose to walk and stalk and covered 48 miles during the week and never saw litter, or even another human foot print making us feel like we were the first here. Nothing to me cuts into the adventure like cigarette butts and trash everywhere or anywhere.  Lisa spent a couple of great days with Elma at the local town on Prince Albert while her 94 year old Grandfather made several trips out with us in the vehicles to observe the wildlife then relaxed under the caring watchful eye of the camp employees.  The drivers were always careful not to beat us up and vehicles were in great shape. I have heard some horror stories.   Our 10 day adventure ending we departed with new found friends that made us feel like family.  Will see these two again

John & Lisa Tucker, Florida Usa

Thanks Ken for an awesome week of Hunting and experiencing the beautiful country of South Africa. It was a great and professional experience from the minute you picked us up at the airport. One of the things I appreciated the most was how selective you were with animals, often passing up what I thought was a shooter to wait for a true trophy. I will be coming back with my son next year as it was an experience that I want to share with him. Thanks again, and will see you next year.

Don Halsey, Reddeer Canada