Most of our hunting areas are in the rural farm areas and the local communities in the areas are very poor and live on minimum wages.

As part of our give back  we organise Blue Bag days for our clients at these poor communities local schools. Some of these kids walk up to 6 miles to school every day and a lot of them without any shoes. Contrary to the general believe it gets very cold here in the winter and these people just do not have cars or any transport and the financial means to buy new shoes and clothing.

Unfortunately alcohol and drugs remains a constant problem in these communities.

Every time I have spend a few hours with these kids I realised that it is so much nicer to give than to get. A lot of them get their first ever present, and to see their faces and appreciation is worth the while every time.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a project like that. Contact your local SCI club for the blue bags.

I will before hand contact the teachers and find out what the ages and needs are of these kids. These schools are in general not very big and are normally around 40 -50 kids from grade 1 – 7