Gamka Safaris is based near the small town of Prince Albert about 4 hours drive North East from Cape Town. Prince Albert lies in the north eastern side of the Western Province of South Africa in the area called The Great Karoo.

The Karoo is a semi desert area that stretches of four provinces of South Africa. Prince Albert lies next to a mountain range that divides the Great Karoo and the Klein(Little) Karoo.

Gamka Safaris operates on both sides of the mountain and within a short distance drive we have the opportunity to hunt in different terrain and vegetation.

Our Average rainfall on the Great Karoo side is about 8 inches (200 mm)a year and on the Klein Karoo side about 24 inches (600 mm) a year. On the Great Karoo side our terrain is wide open areas with sort bushes and thick Acacia trees in the rivers and valleys. The Klein Karoo side is a more Mountainous  terrain with a lot of brush cover and open fields in between. 

Our temperatures range from very hot in the summer to cold in the winter with snow on the mountains.

Our hunting concessions sizes range from 6500 hectares or 16 000 Acres to 8000 hectares or 20 000 Acres and we also hunt in low fenced free roaming areas.

These areas we hunt in is far bigger than your game’s natural territorial areas and makes for a great free and fair chase.

Because of the open areas we hunt in we do shoot at a bit of longer range but with the help of our Professional Hunters we will get you into a range that is comfortable for you.

Typical rifles used in our area range form 300 wm, 30-06, 308, 270 and 7 x 64 but please bring the rifle you are comfortable with.

The best rifle is SHOT PLACEMENT!!! Our African animals vitals are a bid different than the rest of the world and our clients tend to shoot to high and far back. Before the hunt starts your Professional Hunter will help you with shot placement.

Please practice shooting from shooting sticks and know what your rifle does at different distances.

For the hunters that do not want to travel with their rifles Gamka Safaris offer you a variety of rifles to choose from.

 Because we are not that far of from civilisation Gamka Safaris are the ideal place to bring the family. We offer a variety of day excursions into our beautiful small little 250 year old town and nearby tourist attractions.

We offer a great day out pigeon hunting on the nearby Ostrich farms where the feeding of the ostriches attracted hundreds of Rock Pigeons.

At our Wingshooting Concession 1.5 hours drive from Cape Town is one of the best bird hunting areas around and gives you the opportunity to hunt seven different species.

With typical West Coast Hospitality Nick and Petra our hosts spoils you with a unforgettable experience.

Our typical hunting day consist of walks through the fields during the morning and early afternoons chasing up the Guiney fowl and francolins and by late afternoon we have a variety of dams and pans where we go and sit and wait for the hundreds of Ducks and Geese to come to the water.

Our hunting fees has no bag limit.