Ken Whiley

Born and raised in the Karoo region of South Africa I was exposed to outdoor and farm life from a young age. I was fortunate to have a mother that was an excellent shot and spend many hours with her on the shooting range kicking big men’s backsides with her FN 7.62 and teaching me how to do it.

I have been involved in this industry since 2006 as an Outfitter and Professional Hunter.

My passion is to share this beautiful part of this world we live in, and what better way to do it Through the best way we know – FAIR CHASE HUNTING!

Let me be your host on your African Safari.

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Elma Whiley

Elma is the backbone of this family and therefore Gamka Safaris.

All the admin is done by her quietly in the background. Being alone a lot of the time she becomes the both mother and father for our 2 kids and do not always have the backup of a traditional stay home husband. On top of this she is still running her own business. Elma is my best friend and the love of my live and I as well as Gamka Safaris would not have been here if it was not for her!


Gerhard Potgieter

Gerhard Joined Gamka Safaris in 2017 as our resident Professional hunter.

Gerhard is also born and raised in the Karoo on a farm close to Loxton. He got his first airgun as a present from a local shop owner at the age of 4 and he was hooked.

Gerhard has a lot of experience even at his young age and has hunted all over Southern Africa including Namibia and Zimbabwe.

A more helpful, down to earth, God fearing and honest person like Gerhard is not easy to find.


Josef Letsebe

Jo is our resident Tracker/ skinner but also qualified as a professional hunter.

Jo is in charge of the Skinning shed on top of his tracking and other skinning work. It is such a pleasure for me as a Outfitter to have Jo on my side as I have no worries about my clients trophies because he is in control.

Jo and myself has been together since 2008 and is almost like a son to me. I can not start to tell how many wounded animals that we have given up on Jo has found.

He has a absolute passion for what he does and in my opinion one of the best in the business.