Did you know that sustainable hunting directly benefits wildlife conservation across Africa? Gamka Safaris is a leading safari company, and we are dedicated to providing ethical, conservation-focused hunting experiences in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia. We believe that responsible hunting plays a crucial role in protecting Africa’s rich biodiversity.

So, what exactly is conservation and sustainable hunting?

Conservation is the practice of protecting and managing Earth's natural resources, including wildlife populations and their habitats, to ensure their long-term survival. While, sustainable hunting involves the selective removal of animals from a population, following strict regulations and ethical practices, to maintain healthy wildlife populations and their ecosystems. Conservation and sustainable hunting practices are the very heartbeat of every Safari Gamka embarks on.

Why is conservation important across the Southern regions of Africa?

Rich biodiversity:

Southern Africa boasts a remarkable diversity of wildlife, from majestic lions and elephants to endangered cheetahs and black rhinos, making it a global biodiversity hotspot.


However, this incredible wildlife heritage faces numerous threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and climate change.

Revenue generation:

Funds generated from responsible hunting contribute directly to wildlife management, anti-poaching initiatives, and habitat conservation efforts across Southern Africa.

Population control:

By selectively targeting specific animals, often older males, sustainable hunting helps control wildlife populations, preventing overgrazing and ensuring ecosystem balance.

Herd health:

This selective approach also promotes herd health by allowing younger animals to mature and reproduce, leading to stronger, more resilient populations.

The governing laws Southern Africa abides by

Strict regulations:

Each country in Southern Africa enforces strict regulations governing hunting, ensuring the ethical treatment of animals and the sustainability of wildlife populations.

1. Mozambique regulations

2. South Africa regulations

3. Zambia regulations

Key aspects:

Key aspects:

These regulations include quotas, permits, specific hunting seasons, and designated hunting areas, all meticulously designed to safeguard wildlife.


Gamka Safaris' commitment:

At Gamka Safaris, we adhere to all relevant regulations in each country we operate in and go beyond by implementing additional responsible hunting practices, such as employing experienced and ethical guides, using humane hunting methods, and prioritizing animal welfare


Gamka Safaris is deeply committed to sustainable hunting practices and their positive impact on conservation efforts across Southern Africa! So, if you're passionate about conservation and seeking a truly unique and responsible hunting experience in Southern Africa, consider joining Gamka Safaris on your next adventure.

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