Embarking on a South African hunting safari is an experience unlike any other. To ensure a successful and memorable adventure, careful planning and responsible gear selection are paramount. At Gamka Safaris, we understand the importance of ethical hunting practices and minimising environmental impact. We encourage you to choose essential items thoughtfully, avoiding over-purchasing that can lead to wasted equipment that hinders South Africa’s conservation efforts.


Optics and Equipment

Binoculars (10x42 or 12x50):

Spot elusive game and assess surroundings with precision. Carry additional items like boot guards, bug spray, a flask, and personal essentials in a backpack.

Lens cleaning cloths:

Maintain clarity of your binoculars amidst dust and debris.


Combat sudden temperature changes that can cause fogging, hindering visibility.


Ensure ethical hunting with accurate distance measurements for informed shots.

Spotting scope:

Partner your rangefinder with detailed views for game assessment and precise aiming.

Binocular harness:

Keep your binoculars readily accessible for quick deployment.

Phone scope mount:

Capture unforgettable moments and share your African adventure with loved ones.

Sharp knife (optional):

Capture unforgettable moments and share your African adventure with loved ones.

While your professional hunter (PH) may carry one, having your own can be handy.

Safari Comforts

Stanley Flask:

Stay hydrated with hot or cold beverages throughout the day.

Bug spray:

Repel mosquitos, especially in northern wet areas, and ticks throughout your journey.

Snacks (biltong, naartjies, trail mix, etc.):

Stay energized during long waits and between meals.

Wet wipes:

Its versatile utility is sure to help you out in more ways than one.


Be prepared for minor cuts and scrapes, even though your PH will most likely have a medkit available.

Safari Hunting Outfit

Quick Tip: Remember to opt for camouflaged colours (brown, grey, dark green) for all clothing items.

Base Layers:

Moisture-wicking layers:

Stay comfortable and prevent chafing with sweat-wicking fabrics.


Convertible trousers:

Adapt to fluctuating temperatures with zip-off legs for added versatility.


Breathable shirts:

Stay cool with lightweight, quick-drying fabrics while maintaining sun protection.


Waterproof boots:

Navigate diverse landscapes safely and comfortably with sturdy, waterproof boots offering excellent traction.

Boot guards:

Protect yourself from itchy grasses like steekgras and pesky pepper ticks.


Gloves (winter hunting):

Keep your hands warm and protected during colder months.


Keep track of time and ensure punctuality for scheduled activities.

Sun Protection:

Wide-brimmed hat:

Shield your face and neck from harmful UV rays and prevent heat exhaustion.

UV protective sunglasses:

Protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and glare for clear vision throughout your expedition.

Wet Weather Gear:

Waterproof rain jacket:

Be prepared for unexpected downpours during the rainy season.

Bonus Tip: Research the specific season you'll be hunting in for any additional gear recommendations related to weather conditions.


By prioritising essential gear and clothing while upholding ethical hunting practices, you can enhance the success and enjoyment of your South African safari adventure. Embrace the journey, have fun, and create lasting memories!